04 #MotivationMonday – Dan Lok

CAREER / CARRIERE 2003-Today: Founder @Quick Turn Marketing Int.2008-Today: Co-founder @Charm Junction Jewelry2008-Today: Founder @Emperor Group2014-Today: Founder @Inner Circle2015-Today: Founder @Shoulders of Titans Show2017-Today: Founder & CEO @High Ticket Closer AWARDS / PRIX Amongst many others / Parmi tant d'autres: The best online retailer of the year by Canada PostA self-made millionaire at 27Best Entrepreneur of the year in VancouverHighest-paid consultant in Marketing … Lire la suite 04 #MotivationMonday – Dan Lok

« Happiness + Satisfaction = Marketing Success » – Best Practices to run your business

“The truth is that all of us attain the greatest success and happiness possible in this life whenever we use our native capacities to their greatest extent.” Smiley Blanton, speech pathologist.

This quote represents the whole idea of this article. Nowadays, more and more company are looking forward “happiness”, “satisfaction” because there is a whole trend arousing from nowhere. Why are we focusing our attention on those aspects? How do they impact on the business success and our profitability? All those questions can find the beginning of an answer in the following article.

E-Commerce – The « Must-Have » in your Digital Marketing Scheme

Digital Marketing is a handful and giving a wide set of possibilities to fit to any type of businesses. Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, you deserve to set a well-design Digital Marketing strategy in order to enhance your business. For some, this is a "swiss-knife" as you can do incredible number of … Lire la suite E-Commerce – The « Must-Have » in your Digital Marketing Scheme

Faire des économies sur le TCO, fiction ou réalité?

Toutes les entreprises demandent à faire des économies à chaque département, chaque service et à chaque centre de coûts. Pour cela, on a tendance à jouer sur les mêmes mécanismes de coûts, les mêmes maillons de la chaîne de valeur, sans repenser notre façon de voir les choses. Nous allons nous concentrer l'espace de cet … Lire la suite Faire des économies sur le TCO, fiction ou réalité?

Who is the consumer of Today (2015) and the Customer of Tomorrow (2020)

Nowadays, companies in each and every sector are trying to better understand their customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM), customer-centric management, contact-client are so many customer-based strategies. Throughout decades, we came from a "product-based management" to a "customer-based management". We used to read books about how to increase the profit by having a better lean management, building … Lire la suite Who is the consumer of Today (2015) and the Customer of Tomorrow (2020)