« Happiness + Satisfaction = Marketing Success » – Best Practices to run your business

The truth is that all of us attain the greatest success and happiness possible in this life whenever we use our native capacities to their greatest extent.” Smiley Blanton, speech pathologist.

This quote represents the whole idea of this article. Nowadays, more and more company are looking forward “happiness”, “satisfaction” because there is a whole trend arousing from nowhere. Why are we focusing our attention on those aspects? How do they impact on the business success and our profitability? All those questions can find the beginning of an answer in the following article.

Happiness Manager, Client Success Manager, Satisfaction index, Happiness Marketing, all those keywords that we are coming to meet more and more often is more than a simple trend. This looks like a hyper-optimistic marketing lover but is indeed something serious. Happiness marketing is a game changer. Focusing on that KPI (because it can be measured thanks to qualitative metrics) and handling the marketing schemes to enhance the happiness & the satisfaction will increase the figures for your business for sure!

Happiness, Satisfaction – Key elements for your Marketing Plan

Coca Cola - Open Happiness slogan / Happiness Marketing - OrigiNihal
Coca Cola – Open Happiness slogan / Happiness Marketing

Since the famous quote from Vineet Nayar “Employees first, customers second”, happiness in the workplace became a key point for all the companies.  Many big firms are struggling to get into the well-known “Best place to work” or “America’s Best Employers”. Those ranking measures a key element: employees’ satisfaction and happiness at work. This is more than a trend. This is a whole strategy beneath that appearance of well-being.

Satisfaction and its ray  

If we take a close look on the interaction that with a satisfied employee. The fact of been heard, to feel understood, have a sense in their work (sense-making management) by the top management. When you have that top-bottom “intimate relationship”. Each employee feels concerned in the faith of the company. The positive ray will impact on two or three actors: final buyers/customers, suppliers and future potential employees. So their impact is crucial to retain talents within the company but also suppliers & clients.

The same is happening with customers. Managing a customer portfolio whether it is B2B or B2C (only the importance of each client is crucial depending on the model). A customer can have a positive impact on the ecosystem but can influence negatively on it as well.

Impact of customers’ satisfaction level  

“A satisfied customer may not talk, but an unhappy customer will tell ten people.” December 1984, Cincinnati Magazine

Even if this quote is not perfectly correct, it shows a reality. A satisfied customer can tell to 2-3 other potential clients that he has been satisfied. But at the same time, an unsatisfied client can tell to 10-12 people about the problem. With Internet and Globalization, the word spreads faster and with a better reach.

Word of mouth power - with statistics
Word of mouth power – Statistics

Investing on WOM is a winning strategy because it has the best conversation rate. In order to increase the positive WOM, you just need to focus on two aspects: happiness and satisfaction of each customer.

Happiness Marketing? How to operate? B2B & B2C Strategy

Marketing Strategy Development by OrigiNihal
Marketing Strategy Development

Now that you are convinced that Happiness and Satisfaction are two factors that are crucial in your Brand Strategy. Here is the time to think about how to capitalise on the customer’s satisfaction and increase the positive perception of the brand. A lot of “marketing techniques” had been developed for the very same purpose. But in order to make this article short and sweet, I will give one technique for the B2B Strategy and another one for the B2C Strategy. Both have can be shaped for the other type of business.

B2B – Lead Nurturing, turn your Clients into Ambassadors

Lead Nurturing marketing automation is a real deal. But if it is well-set, this could turn into a game changer. Just to recap what is is a Lead Nurturing, we can take the example of an athlete going through a “Ninja Warrior Challenge”. Likewise, in each company the marketing department builds a “sales tunnel” with a specific scoring system. Like in Ninja Warrior Challenge, you have a series of “challenges” that each lead should go through. Depending on their reaction they will have a score and goes through a specific process. But no lead would be “disqualified”, they will have alternative tunnel to reinject them in the process at a certain point. You will have internal loops to “warm up the lead” before getting them into the process in a further step.

  • Email sent + 0pt
  • Email opened +5pts
    • No click +0pt à Send him/her another email next week
    • Click +5pts à Send him/her a more detailed email the week after about the same subject
  • When 15 pts reached à Send him/her an invitation to download a “White Paper”
    • Download +25 pts à Sending him a thanking message
    • Open but no Download +5pt à Putting him in the “Weekly Lead Emailing” process to increase the score before sending him another invitation
    • No opening +0pt à Putting him in the “Cold Lead Emailing” process to increase the score and start the process all over again
  • When 50 pts reached à invitation for a meeting or a seminar
Lead Nurturing Funnel for OrigiNihal by SalesWorks
Lead Nurturing Funnel or Tunnel

The tunnel will go from the cold to the hot lead that will turn into a customer. The scoring system will help to make an automatic marketing process of lead management. The whole process is to deal with each and every client in a specific way. But the whole process will be automatized entirely or at least partially. That will help the sales team to manage only “hot leads” and turn them into customers. Plus, that marketing automation will help to entertain and nurture an important volume of leads at a same time.

This can be processed for a B2C model business. But the volume of leads is critical and that will need a huge logistic/tech development. That can be developed only by pretty developed by companies that have a strong marketing, data analysts & tech teams with a strong financial support as well.

B2C – Experiential Marketing – Make it unforgettable

In order to increase the WOM, a positive one, you should work on the happiness. Happiness is a feeling, an emotion that can be delivered thanks to a certain number of stimuli. As the Lead Nurturing Process would be costly for a B2C company with no immediate sales conversions, we need to think about sudden reaction and compulsive buying. But also a viral positive WOM that needed to be created. For those two aspects, the Experiential Marketing is a powerful lever.

In order to create that strong feeling at a specific point, you need to create an unexpected event that will make the lead/potential customer go through a certain process of emotions. Those emotions would be related to your brand if the operation is well set. Thanks to that, the word will spread fast as it will be written deep in the lead’s mind. Experiencing something will be strong on the customer’s mind for a short period. So this Experiential Marketing operation should go with a Product/Service Offer that will be “occasional or exceptional”.

That kind of operations will go straight to the customers’ mind and will last a certain time depending on which kind of emotion it strikes. If the operation had a good targeting it can even build a strong relationship with the brand thanks to a certain nostalgia.

To sum up…

  • Satisfaction and Happiness are two elements that needed to be considered in every marketing strategy. That would influence the customers’ loyalty and their power of influence (negative or positive with a certain degree of influence).
  • For B2B Marketing, to increase the WOM, you have a powerful tool: Lead Nurturing Marketing Automation. With that strategy you compose a funnel with a specific scale of scoring that helps you to guide the lead from cold to hot lead.
  • For B2C Marketing, in order to increase the positive WOM again, you have another interesting tool: Experiential Marketing. That gives you the “push” of a powerful domino effect. That is a critical risk because it can have no effect or a negative ripple effect as well. The whole process needs to be well thought for a positive outcome.

Looking forward your valuable feedbacks and/or comments.  I end this article with a quote from A. Einstein.

“A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for.”
Albert EINSTEIN (1879 – 1955)


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